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Multiple meeting invites in outlook

adamy12 used Ask the Experts™
I have to set up some training classes. I have multiple classes with a limited amount of spaces in each. Can i set up some sort of invite in outlook so that people could choose which class they would like to attend and then close off the attendees once it reaches its maximum count?
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Heres What Ive Done in the Past

Create an Email.
Fill the Body with the training Mumbo Jumbo and Class options.

Then go to Options Portion of the Email Msg

Use the Voting Buttons to Add your Class Options:
Word 2007;Excel 2007;Outlook 2007;Cooking 101;PCs for Dummies; ect ect

Save Email to Drafts folder

Create a Personal Folder now. You can Call it Classrooms or Calsses

IN this folder add your Voting Options
Word 2007
Excel 2007
Outlook 2007
Cooking 101
PCs for Dummies

Next create an Outlook Rule
Create a Rule that Checks Mail When it arrives, for text in the Subject line that contains Word 2007
Then move it to the desired folder - Word 2007

Create a rule like this for each voting option.

Once done Open your email in your drafts folder
Address it to everyone you want to include
and Send it

When people start to respond, the Mail will come into your inbox and get moved to its respective folder
As long as you DONT READ any of the email, you can quickly glance at the folders in the PST and the number of unread mail, will be equal to the number of attendees you have for that class.

Once it gets full, send a email to everyone and tell them the course is now full and no longer an option.
You can then kill the rule for that class

If you get any emails in your Mailbox you can respond directly with, sorry class is full