IE HOGGING memory and HOGGING CPU very badly

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I'm running several tabs of IE8 on winxp sp3 and it's only a matter of time when my entire PC grinds to a halt.  The CPU usage in task manager shows high 90's and the memory is over 200,000.
I upgraded to IE9.  SAME THING.
I upgraded to Windows 7.  SAME THING.

Now what???????
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+200mb memory consumption on internet explorer is completely normal when you are using many tabs.
90% CPU is not so normal...

When it is using a lot of CPU, are you on a very heavily media-oriented website, e.g. something with a lot of graphics, animations, flash, videos etc?

Also what's the specs on your PC?


It's DEFINITELY happening when I hit a video web site.  I watch training webinars and it happens when I watch them!  But sometimes I'll visit a video site and it won't happen so this is what perplexes me.  

ALSO, this didn't always happen.   So this CPU hogging thing is a recent development.  

My PC is a HP Pavilion a310n Desktop with a Celeron  2.7 Ghz CPU 1 Gig of RAM.

>>HP Pavilion a310n Desktop with a Celeron  2.7 Ghz CPU 1 Gig of RAM

I think that's your problem right there. This is not adequate hardware to run Windows 7, especially the celeron processor, but also the intel onboard graphics. I'd recommend you downgrade back to XP if you can.

Depending on the website, video performance can vary. Websites that play videos usually use a Flash applet. The Flash applet can either take advantage of your computer's onboard graphics to render the video in hardware (and thus incur almost zero CPU usage), or it has to render and paint every frame manually (which incurs high CPU usage). The latter may be too much work for your computer based on its specs.

This is compounded by the fact that IE has become more bloated and more resource-intensive each version. IE9 needs more memory, CPU etc. than IE6 or 7, which is what your computer would have originally come with.

So it doesn't really sound like anything is actually wrong with your computer, Its just that the various flash applets, browsers, etc out there assume you are running more powerful / modern hardware than  you are so you are starting to run into problems.

One thing you can try is to switch browsers - try Chrome or Firefox. They may be a bit more optimized and might run a little faster on your computer. I also have used a lightweight browser called K-Meleon, which is Mozilla based browser with most of the fat trimmed off.

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