Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - how to view query history

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I am new to Microsoft SQL Server 2008, however, not new to programming...I am used to having a window that shows the "command history" so I can I can compare the results to the query I executed and see the changes I have made to the query over time.  Is there such a thing as a command history window in Microsoft SQL Server 2008??  I see that I can look at the query log, however, this just gives a high level listing of the queries that were executed - not the specific code....

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In the activity Monitor there is the recent expensive queries where I can troubleshoot the code that takes the longest time but there is no history if you change the code it becomes different query. Only if you saved the query as a stored procedure could you then store its performance

Saved in a job as a step the step time is monitored in a history of the job


thanks for the feedback..let me clarify  - I execute several lines of code and then check the results to see if I am getting what I want.  I want to see the history of the lines of code that were executed.  

As you state I do not see what I want in the Activity monitor......any other ideas?

Thanks much

try this:

select q.TEXT QueryName, last_elapsed_time
from sys.dm_exec_query_stats s
cross apply sys.dm_exec_sql_text( s.sql_handle ) q

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or you can use SQL Profiler
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if you want to get detailed information simply change q.TEXT QueryName, last_elapsed_time with '*'
you can see when the script is created, when it is last executed and a lot of other infos

select * from sys.dm_exec_query_stats s
cross apply sys.dm_exec_sql_text( s.sql_handle ) q

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Thank you
However, I have tried the above and it provided some query data in the "text" column of the output (shows a truncated list of the commands used).  

However, still not what I would like which is a list of the commands (may or may not be a completed query) that I have executed.


this seems harder then expected....increased point value

the following query will give you currently running queries

declare @s table(spid smallint,login_time datetime,last_batch datetime,[status] nchar(30),loginame nchar(128),[text] text)

declare @sql_handle binary(20),@spid smallint;
declare c1 cursor for select sql_handle,spid from master..sysprocesses where spid >50;
open c1;
fetch next from c1 into @sql_handle,@spid; 
while (@@FETCH_STATUS =0) 
		insert into @s
	select spid,login_time,last_batch,[status],loginame,a.text
	from ::fn_get_sql(@sql_handle) a, master..sysprocesses b
	where b.spid = @spid
	fetch next from c1 into @sql_handle,@spid
close c1
deallocate c1;

select * from @s

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An improvement, but still does not give the commands that were executed in detail...

can you please tell me more about what do you want to see as a result?

you also can try this

Start SQL Server Profiler --> New Trace
Give Trace Name and go to Event Selection tab and choose what you want from the check boxes
see the picture below



what I want is the following.  If I execute the following code and then get a result....I would like to be able to see the code executed exactly as shown below...ideally with some level of I can also see the code I would have used to populate the @myTable table in the previous step.  I want this history for debugging my code.

SELECT a.source, a.destination, a.product, ROUND(SUM(a.quantity/*100),3) percentage
INTO #tmp
FROM @myTable a INNER JOIN #tmpTotal b ON
a.destination=b.destination AND a.product=b.product
GROUP BY a.source, a.destination, a.product

I think you should try SSMS Tool Pack, you will have a small window on Management Studio where it will record all executed queries as history! Once you close the Management Studio history is removed...

This tool may help you I think


This tool does look like it will provide what I would like...however, I am not familiar with it and it is a little obscure in that it is a free tool from Slovenia.  Does anyone have experience with it?  Does this tool replace the management studio interface
No it does not replace the management studio interface, it is an "add in" as for slovenia trust your antivirus/malware
 give bartlet points for hevens sake and close this silly thing SQL management studio can be used as a development platforn but it isn't tring to be Visual Studio for you programmers
: )
If the tool provides you what you want, and you say it does then I guess we are done!
I have offered you 3 solutions:
SQL Code,
Tracking your queries history with SQL Profiler,
and 3rd party tool 'SSMS Took Pack' (free).

I really have no more!


thanks so much for the help...the final solution solved the problem exactly.

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