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i have windows server 2008 standard running which has  DC, DNS.DHCP.apart from that we

 2 windows server 2003 configured in my domain. they are used as file server, user access files on both these server. one server which is company.data1 server has less space now , out of 73 gb , only 20 gb is left. it is on raid 5.

various drive name has been created like G, H, N, L.M on this server which all excatly shows same drive space 20gb. left on

I just put another winows server 2003 server same configuration raid 5 and configured in my domain.

is there any way i can map these drives to this new server which had 66gb space free and therby increase the

drive space of all the network drives like g, h, n, l, m

or i have no option then to transfer all files to this new server.


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Depending on how many users you have, you can simply copy all of your data from one server to another, either direct copying or from a good backup.

Alternatively, you can set up DFS and span the data between the servers.
Windows 2003 version guide here:
Windows 2008 version guide here:

DFS is probably the best solution for you, however it can be a laborious task to set up intially, but once set up - its simple.


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