Domain account only gets temporary profile when logging in to a properly joined machine machine

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When logged on to a workstation in a domain, properly joined.  Having made changes just as addded exchange account imported PST file etc into the Office Outlook 2010 installtion.  And having given Admin Credential when prompted, the changes made do not stay after logging off and back in again.
is this a GPO issue?  what can be done.
Users are standard users.  
user1 for example a teacher and only user of the workstaiton is the domanin user.
No local account for that use has been set up.

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There could be specific policies not allowing configuration changes.
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

This is almost always a corrupt user profile. Try renaming the user profile and then login and try again.


You have been logged on with a temporary profile.  yOu cannot access your files and files created in this profile will be deleted when you log off. To fix this, log and try logging on later.  Please see the event log ofr details or contact your system administrator.
Sandesh DubeyTechnical Lead
Top Expert 2011


If this issue is with single user.Loggin with local admin and rename the user profile in C:\Documents setting( winxP) or C:\users(Win7) and relogin again with user id.In some cases you won't be able to rename the profile then restart the PC in safe mode and rename the profile.

If this does not work check the setting in registry.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ ProfileList

In the profile list there will be nos of usersid click on each usersid to check if there is different userd sid created for same user.There should be only one usersid for each user.

When you click on user sid in right plane check ProfileImagePath it will display the name of user.Example is as below
Value data:%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\sachint

If you find multiple usersid for same user take the backup of registry and delete the userid of that user only who's multiple SID are created.After deleting the same restart the PC and login with userid.
PROBLEM:   Users log in to the domain they get a message that says that you are logged in with a temporary profile.


After taking the ETL trace, we came to know that we are getting access denied error on the Home folder.

[0]0130.08B8::08/09/2011-00:37:09.358 [profsvc]Failed to create directory for user \\school-server$NOCSC$\home\lbonasso.V2, hr = 80070005
[0]0130.08B8::08/09/2011-00:37:09.358 [profsvc]CheckRoamingProfile failed, hr = 80070005

SYSTEM , CREATOR-OWNER permission was missing from the folder.


Added the above mentioned permissions to the Home folder and propagated it to child objects and added the owner of the profile folder.

Sending you some of the KB articles:

Configuring Roaming User Profiles

Recommendations for Roaming User Profiles

Best Practices for User Profiles


This was the answer and came from a Microsoft Support Specialist.

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