Replicating Public Folder data from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 - some folders empty

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We are in the process of retiring our Exchange 2003 server which is on a Small Business Server 2003 box.  We have added a new Windows 2008 DC, and have set up a new Windows 2008 / Exchange Server 2010 box.  We've moved most of our mailboxes to the new server, and set up Public Folders on the Exch 2010 server using the script:

cd $exscripts

.\AddReplicaToPFRecursive.ps1 -TopPublicFolder \ -ServerToAdd NEWSERVER1

We have found that not all of the content in our Exch 2003 Public Folders replicated to the new server (Exch 2010).  If we add new content to the Exch 2003 Public Folders, this new content will replicate to the new Exch 2010 server.

How can we get the missing content on the Exch 2003 server to replicate over to the Exch 2010 Public Folders?
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Update - We have found that if we go to the Exch 2003 Server - Exchange System Manager, first admin group - Folders - Public Folders,

Select a folder in the left pane - then go to the Status tab in the right pane - select the old Exch 2003 server, right click and select Synchronize Content, the folder will then replicate to the new Exch 2010 server Public Folders.

Is there any way to to this without having to select each individual Public Folder?  We have thousands of sub folders.
Update - We found and followed the four part series on the Microsoft Exchange Team Blog, called "Public Folder Replication Troubleshooting".  This ultimately led us to the two MS KB articles 321082, and 813629 which led us to the solution to the issue.

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