Powershell to list Mobile & TelephoneNumber

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I am looking for a PowerShell script to list users Mobile (number) and TelephoneNumber's.

I am looking for native PowerShell commands, not 3rd party.
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You can use ADSI. This is pretty nice explained (with examles) at http://powershell.com/cs/blogs/ebook/archive/2009/04/10/chapter-19-user-management.aspx
In my everyday tasks I'm using 3rd party free addon from Quest. In 2008 R2 you have also built-in AD cmdlets.


I am on 2008 R2, but I am not seeing the info in either:
Get-Mailbox -identity "JohnDoe" | fl
get-aduser -filter {samaccountname -like "JohnDow"}| fl
I would give this a shot

get-aduser -identity {username} | select-object phonenumber, mobile
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Try this

get-aduser USERNAME -properties MobilePhone, Officephone | Select MobilePhone, Officephone


if you use get-aduser the     -identity     doesn't work the same way as exchange. This is why my example above is written that way.

When you pipe to FL I was under the impression that all properties listed are the only ones available.

Mobile and PhoneNumber are not options for   get-aduser
You can always use the -includeallproperties switch. This will return more than the default as to what is listed.


I just tried the get-aduser USERNAME

that does allow me not to use the syntax I used above:
-filter {samaccountname -like "JohnDow"}

but  those fields don't seem to work:
MobilePhone, Officephone | Select MobilePhone, Officephone


interesting, what is the -includeallproperties
Sorry disregard mine. I am confusing get-qaduser switches with get-aduser.
To make sure you are getting the correct attributes try this

get-aduser USERNAME -properties * | Select *

This will list out all attributes for the user.

Are you asking about Exchange addons? Or native powershell as you wrote in your question?
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

"I am looking for native PowerShell commands, not 3rd party"

There are NO NATIVE powershell commands for this strictly speaking. The get-ad* commandlets are added to powershell in a domain environment, they are not NATIVE powershell commands.

Far too often we see people who have this adverse reaction to using perfectly good, free, tested and proven commandlets that make a sys admins life so much easier, without any justification.

The quest commandlets make life so much easier. Why are you so against there use? Why use 3 lines to do what 1 can do?



This got me the cell numbers with the property MOBILE:

get-aduser USERNAME -properties * | Select MOBILE

get-aduser USERNAME -properties * | Select TELEPHONENUMBER

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