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.Net web site and failover for when SQL OR web goes down.

Larry Brister
Larry Brister used Ask the Experts™
Ok...venturing into new territory here.  Always had one web site with connections to SQL Server.

Web SIte of one server...database(s) on another.

Recently our network guys have been having some real issues with the database server(s)

Is there a step by stem somewhere for me to set it up where (terminology?) on server is mirrored on another and IF my web site can't connect to server1...or loses connection...there's a failove to the other database server?

We have about 145 clients users on the We IntraNet site.  It may frow to 200.
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in a scenario with principal and mirror server you may define connection strings of your aplication to connect to principal server and along with a FAILOVER PARTNER to mirror server. A little search with these keywords will guide you to a solution
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