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I need to setup a capture filter in wireshark with multiple source ip addresses. I need to set it up for 9 ips. I tried AND and && operator but it doesn't work. Can someone please help? I need to setup this up asap to troubleshoot a problem.

Thanks a bunch.
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host or host or host

Or even shorter:

host or or

If you want to capture a whole subnet, but one IP, you can use:

net and not host

Hope this helps!
Had a chance to check it in the latest version: == "" or == ""

That should work, g'luck!

You should be able to put a comma between IP addresses:

How to filter:
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ip.src eq or ip.src eq or ...

== can be used instead of eq

you can use ip.src rather than if you are looking for just the source ip.

I don't know of a format that wireshark accepts comma's as ChiefIT stated but if there's a way that would be an easier shorthand, the video just shows you how to filter but doesn't use multiple ip's via a comma.

Yah, I am not to certain how to apply the filter to multiple IPs either. I would think there is the option to comma delimit, or space delimit multiple IPs, You can play with the filter until it turns green with multiple IPs.

Try Colons, Commas, Spaces, Pipes |, or semicolons for delimited multiple IP addresses on that filter line.

It's a good explicit video for filtering for ports and IP addresses though.  may help.

Of course, you know that capture filters and display filters use *different* notation, eh?  So, you have to stick with the capture filter notation.

and on:

"The capture filter syntax is the same as the one used by programs using the Lipcap (Linux) or Winpcap (Windows) library like the famous TCPdump. The capture filter must be set before launching the Wiershark capture."

And I found a set of PCAP language rules at:

This looks like what one might need.

I have never seen the use of a comma "," in place of AND or &&.
But, in this case it appears you want OR or ||


Capture filter syntax are not same as display filters. Display filter also have this green go option which is good to see rightaway whether your syntax is correct.

So far on capture filter for multiple IPs, only syntax I can use is with host xxx1 or host xxx2 or host xx3. I am not sure OR will work same as AND. My understanding is if it matches host xxxx1 and at the same time host xxxx2 also connect, since there's a OR, it will capture only one. Is that corect or with OR, it should capture all IPs.
Strange thing is that ip.addr==xxx1 or ip.addr==xxx2 works with display filter but not on capture filter.

Any thoughts....  
Are you sure you tried:  host or or I know it works, just as in the first post.  I just tried it. I have version 1.6.1.
It looks like you need to understand AND and OR.
AND means they ALL have to appear together in the same packet.
OR means that any ONE needs to appear in a packet.

Using AND only seems very useful when you want to grab packets between two points / e.g. endpoints.
If you want to grab packets between two sets of endpoints then use:

(address1 AND address2) OR (address3 AND address4)
using proper notation of course, I just paraphrase here.
Using the syntax:

host or

in the capture filter works just fine and in the latest Wireshark rev it shows green if the syntax is correct or red if incorrect like the display filter always has.


Rick O Shay and DigitalTechy,

If you read my comments carefully, I said "or" did work. When I said I wonder "or" and "and" would work same way, I didn't understand difference between and and or operators with capture functionality.

Fmarshall, explained it very well, and that's why "and" cannot be used for more than once for two ip or host, because the communication is always between two hosts or devices. Although it may be used for ip, protocol and any other matching word but I haven't tested it. Any way the problem is resoloved for now, so I will distribute the points.

Thanks for your help guys...


I had to do my own search quite a bit.

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