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Why do I feel so stupid! I am trying to debug a OAB problem on a SBS 2011 Server. Several threads start out like this:

1. On DC, open adsiedit.msc.
2. Expand to [CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=com; CN=Services; CN=Administrative Groups; CN=Administrative Group (FYD********);CN=Servers; CN=YourExchange2010;CN=InformationStore;CN=SecondStorage Group].
3. Right click CN=Public Folder Database and choose properties. Locate the Mail, set the value to
4. Locate proxyAddresses, set the value to:
X400:C=US;P=First Organizati;O=Exchange;S=PublicFolderDatabase
5. Restart the Ex2010 server when it is possible.

Right of the bat I cannot locate CN=Configuration I know I am missing something I just can't figure out what!
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@-tjs Thanks! Geesh... bad day :)