nslookup of second dns server

raffie613 used Ask the Experts™
I have 2 dc andboth are dns servers,however when i do nslookup from a workstation, i only get one server showing up.
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Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

from a command prompt type in....

set type=ALL
yourdomainname <----- Your actual domain name here. i.e. MyDomain.Local

What does that output?

Its by design, When you execute NSLOOKUP it always queries to configured preferred DNS server in NIC, If it fails then it goes to alternet DNS server or other mentioned DNS servers.

So I think there is no any issue with this as your preferred DNS server working.

Sandesh DubeyTechnical Lead
Top Expert 2011

If you want to test the second dns is working or not you can use nslookup command.
First it will return primary DNS server IP address and name.Later you can put the second server name or IP adress to check if the name resolution is working or not.
Below is the example:
 C:\> nslookup
   Default Server:  nameserver1.domain.com
   >name of second dns or ip address
Leon FesterSenior Solutions Architect

If you want to use NSLOOKUP to query the 2nd DNS server from a workstation?
By default your 1st DNS server is listed, so your DNS lookups are run against that server.
If you want to query the 2nd or any other DNS server then simply do the following>

run NSLOOKUP in a command prompt.
then enter the following:
server <<my other DNS Server>>
where <<my other DNS Server>> is the name or IP address of your 2nd/external DNS server.

Run your lookups as normal and you will be querying the database on the 2nd/external DNS server.

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