Need a cleaning tool that works remotely to clean windows systems

rdefino used Ask the Experts™
I've been asked to find a tool that can be used to clean systems and speed them up, but it need to work remotely.

any good free or paying apps out there?
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CCLeaner Network Edition = Very good :)

Some features it contains:
    SMB and Enterprise network support.
    Simple one-click deployment onto clients.
    Analyze single machines, workgroups or the entire network.
    Manage cleaning rules and settings from one place.
    Highly secure client and encrypted communications.

You have to pay for it but I reckon its definately the best I've ever used.

If you want a free solution using Windows native applications you can schedule a script to run on each machine which runs disk cleanup (cleanmgr.exe), office temp folder cleanup, and then disk defrag.

The script and scheduled task can be installed remotely as well...

If you're interested in this option I can provide further guidance.


ccleaner, I use the standalone version. I'll check it out.

Any other tune up type services?  Enterprise versions

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