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I need to call this web service:

I already added the reference, but I dont know how to use the service.

I know I need to pass a key, how do I do that programatically? ( vb)

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Hi CodeCruiser!

Sorry, I dont understand C#

Im totally lost with this :(


And I saw the example with google, but I dont know how to make it work with the link I have to use.
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Do you have any code at the moment? First step is to instantiate the client. Do a

Dim client As New ???

Replace ??? with whatever namespace and classname has been generated by the webservice.
in thsi example the webservice referensce name is test

Dim request As New test.Product (so if you put a dot after test you wil see a list)
        request. (than when you put the dot after requet you will see all your itesm of product)

in your solution explorer you can see the name of your webreference under the folder web reference


Hi all,

Sorry, I feel like an idiot, I never did this before and for some reason I cannot make it work after I read a lot of tutorials :(

I added the reference, and I named it C1

In the solution explorer, the following appears (inside C1)



My problem is that I dont know how to pass parameters to it, they require me to pass a key and I dont know how. Here's their website:


ok change the request var to test.productSearchServiceV2()

Dim request As New test.productSearchServiceV2()

create a response var
Dim response As New test.ProductResponse()

and then set the response var withe the request DOT search en op de the ( en there you will see all the vars you can fill in
        response =

i can't test because i don't have test info (like developer key etc)

maybe SoapUI can help you also with webservice there you can load in the WSDL en then can you see the request function.


Thanks Godeschalk!

I tried this:

response = = "33297824782378", websiteId = "344323")

and this

response ="developerKey = 33297824782378, websiteId = 344323")

also this

response ="developerKey = '33297824782378', websiteId = '344323'")

and I get "developerKey" is not declared constantly

Please help!


It looks like I have to enter "" for values that I dont want to pass any parameter!

I fixed it, but this is what I get;

Could not find default endpoint element that references contract 'LINKS.linkSearchServiceV2PortType' in the ServiceModel client configuration section. This might be because no configuration file was found for your application, or because no endpoint element matching this contract could be found in the client element.


Thanks guys, I have like a zillion more questions lol, I will post them later today.

Thanks a lot :)


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