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We have a multi site company and have configured a 2nd 2003 server as a backup domain controller on remote site via VPN. We have 3 or 4 users that will need to log onto a workstation from any site but at present they use redirected desktop, documents, favs etc via group policy setting. I have seen that you can turn off redirection accross a slow connection which would be fine but I fear a user will save a document to their my docs or desktop & due to the fact it will not be synced back to the server they will not have the files when they return to the head site.
Is there a way to have the users folders synced accross both sites for these users so both site 1 & 2 have the users desktop, documents etc and when they log off both sites are updated? If not how should this be handled?


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That's part of the headache of folder redirection.  My experience has mostly been with 2008 as they added a lot of new features, i'll chime just in case the info helps:

They have the offline cache feature that works real well if they are going to use the same laptop at two different locations, otherwise you can enforce the ability to perform a full sync prior to logoff/logon.  If it's a slow connection the user will still have to sit there and wait which doesn't really help things.  Your always going to be bottlenecked at the slow connection speed over a vpn if they have just saved some large files.  

If it's an option it might be best to give them a laptop and enable sync on it that way the files will be cached locally and sync'd to the server upon their arrival back.  
another method for handling your situation is something new in 2008 R2 called branch cache.  Basically the idea here is that the main servers have complete copies of everything, but remote sites have cached copies of whatever they use the most and it is all replicated back and forth in the background at the server level.


2008 R2 sounds like an idea feature but dont think the customer will pay for the upgrade of all their servers & cals.

I am going to award Digital Techy the points as this is the method we will be looking at ie I have created additional OU's in Active Directory & advised the following
Static users in remote site 1&2 profiles will be synced with their local server.
Users that move from site to site will not have desktop or document redirection enabled so they have been informed that any information stored on their desktop or documents will not be backed up so they need to do this themselves.

This all went down ok as we have stated such things in the past with archive emails (pst) files that have to be stored locally on the users laptop.

Thanks for your advice & help


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