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Need to convert VB Script code to VB.NET

I have been using vb scripts and now I want to start using VB.NET.  I have used VB6, but VB.NET is new to me.  Can someone help me convert this vb script program to vb.net?

strInput = InputBox("Enter Group Name:")
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile("members.txt", True)
Set objConnection = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Set objCommand =   CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
objConnection.Provider = "ADsDSOObject"
objConnection.Open "Active Directory Provider"
Set objCommand.ActiveConnection = objConnection
objCommand.Properties("Page Size") = 9999
objCommand.Properties("Searchscope") = ADS_SCOPE_SUBTREE
objCommand.CommandText = "SELECT Name, ADSPath FROM 'LDAP://dc=bcsd,dc=local' WHERE objectCategory='group' " 
Set objRecordSet = objCommand.Execute
Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

bFound = False

Do Until objRecordSet.EOF
	If Trim(LCase(strInput)) = Trim(LCase(objRecordSet.Fields("Name").Value)) Then
		bFound = True
		Set oGroup = GetObject(objRecordSet.Fields("ADSPath").Value)
		arrMemberOf = oGroup.GetEx("member")
		For Each member In arrMemberOf
			Set oUser = GetObject("LDAP://" & member)
			objFile.WriteLine oUser.cN
		Exit Do
	End If
If bFound Then
	Call WshShell.Run("%comspec% /c sort.exe members.txt /o members.txt",0)
	Call WshShell.Run("members.txt")
	MsgBox "Group """ & strInput & """ not found"
End If

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Visual Basic.NET

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Bob Learned

Since this site is about knowledge and learning, how may I help you?  What kind of problems are you trying to solve?  I see an LDAP lookup for common name.

The System.DirectoryServices is useful when working with LDAP.


Accessing LDAP User list using VB.NET

Public Function GetAllUsers(ByVal ldapServerName As String) As Hashtable 

 'To retrieve list of all  LDAP users 
 'This function returns HashTable

 _ldapServerName = ldapServerName

 Dim sServerName As String = "mail"

 Dim oRoot As DirectoryEntry = New DirectoryEntry("LDAP://" & ldapServerName & _
 Dim oSearcher As DirectorySearcher = New DirectorySearcher(oRoot)
 Dim oResults As SearchResultCollection
 Dim oResult As SearchResult
 Dim RetArray As New Hashtable()

  oResults = oSearcher.FindAll     

  For Each oResult In oResults

   If Not oResult.GetDirectoryEntry().Properties("cn").Value = "" Then
    RetArray.Add( oResult.GetDirectoryEntry().Properties("uid").Value, _
   End If


  Return RetArray

 End Function

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I was just looking to reuse the code I have.  I added the reference for ADODB and I have the following code already converted...

        Dim strInput As String = TextBox1.Text
        Dim objWriter As New System.IO.StreamWriter("members.txt")
        Dim objConnection As New ADODB.Connection
        Dim objCommand As New ADODB.Command
        objConnection.Provider = "ADsDSOObject"

        Const ADS_SCOPE_SUBTREE = 2

        objConnection.Open("Active Directory Provider")
        objCommand.ActiveConnection = objConnection

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This seems to be okay, but when I try to add the following lines...

        objCommand.Properties("Page Size") = 9999
        objCommand.Properties("Searchscope") = ADS_SCOPE_SUBTREE

These statements produce a "Property item is ReadOnly" error.  I'm sure there is just a subtle difference to the way this statement needs to be done in vb.net, but I can't seem to find the correct way.
Bob Learned

If you want to reuse old VB6/VBScript code, in place of System.DirectoryServices code, then I don't believe that I am in a position to help you.
I started with Experts Exchange in 2004 and it's been a mainstay of my professional computing life since. It helped me launch a career as a programmer / Oracle data analyst
William Peck

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That's awesome!  I'm new to vb.net so can you explain what is meant by "Add a reference to namespace Microsoft.VisualBasic (Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll)"?

Thanks for the help!

Under Project Properties / References make sure that Microsoft.VisualBasic is checked as indicated below.

(Right click on the project and select Preferences)