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How do I update an Excel ListBox form control in VBA


I have a Listbox form control on an Excel sheet which I want to update automatically when the user moves to the sheet. Items will be added to the list from a range of dates that are held on another sheet (called Tables).

However, I only want to display two dates in the list, and they will be the first two dates in the range it finds that are greater than TODAY'S date.

I'm using a For Next loop to go through the range of dates, and using ListBox1.AddItem to display the 2 dates BUT if I change the dates in the range, the listbox items don't change to display the new dates. I would have expected the list items to change to reflect the new dates in the range.

I've attached my procedure code for reference.

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate

'This should update the list every time the user moves to the sheet

For Row = 2 to 20
   If Sheets("Tables").Cells(Row, 10) > Date Then
      ListBox1.Addition Sheets("Tables").Cells(Row, 10)
      ListBox1.Addition Sheets("Tables").Cells(Row + 1, 10)
      Row = 99   '(Yes, n ugly way of exiting a loop !!)
   End If
Next Row

End Sub

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8/22/2022 - Mon

First, your syntax should be lb.AddItem to add to the listbox.

You can use Exit For to exit your for loop.

Just to be clear, is this a forms or an activeX control that we're dealing with?


I do so much with Active-X controls, that I had to revisit some documentation and build a test case before giving you any sample reframing of your code.

Here's the code I would use, with a sample spreadsheet:
Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
Dim lb As Object

    'This should update the list every time the user moves to the sheet
    Set lb = ActiveSheet.ListBoxes("List Box 1")
    For Row = 2 To 20
       If Sheets("Tables").Cells(Row, 10).Value > Date Then
          lb.AddItem (Sheets("Tables").Cells(Row, 10).Value)
          lb.AddItem (Sheets("Tables").Cells(Row + 1, 10).Value)
          Exit For
       End If
    Next Row

End Sub

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First, I assign the variable lb the value of the ListBox1 forms object on the spreadsheet
Then, existing items are removed
Finally, in your loop, the 2 dates are added, with an Exit For on that condition.

See attached.



Hi Dave,

Sorry, yes, I do have AddItem (and not Addition as above). However, when I replace ListBox1. with lb. then I get a runtime error.

By the way, it's an Active X form control.

Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

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Fantastic ! Works a treat. Yes, I use the term 'forms controls' rather loosely. Ignorance on my behalf.
Thanks for that. It seems it was the ListBox1.Clear I was missing.
Thanks again