How to view log of Deleted Records in SQL Server

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I have an application using SQL Server as a backend. Somehow, when records are deleted from a table, is there a log of these transactions that would give me any info about when/who deleted the records?

How do I go about viewing this?
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Ephraim WangoyaSoftware Engineer


Create a delete trigger on the table you want to log. When a record is deleted you can use the trigger to store the required fields of the record on a log table
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no there is no automatic method for what you desire... you need to implement and audit trail to identify what you are after... ewangoya suggests 1 method...

alternatively  there are some tools that can get you this sort of information, (how far back do you want to go?) look for Redgate  (log browser?)



I'd like to go back a month.,
or, use apexsql's apexsqllog

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