Win7 + Server 2008 Folder Redirection Event ID 502 - The Specified path is invalid (but it IS valid!)

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2 Workstation: both Windows 7 Enterprise machines - 1 works, 1 doesn't.
Server is 2008 32bit hosts the GPO in question

I've been fixing various DNS bugs and getting my folder redirection working (properly), which seems to be OK on my XP workstations, but my own Win7 machine is giving me problems and I can't figure it out. It's not mapping the My Docs folder through my GPO properly and Event View on the Win7 workstation reports:

Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Documents" to "\\server\home\ac\My Documents".
 Redirection options=0x9001.
 The following error occurred: "Can not redirect parent into descendant".
 Error details: "The specified path is invalid.

But that's a lie because that folder IS valid; I can type in in the Run line and it brings the folder up, as expected from the problem workstation.

My user account is the owner of the folder, and it works on another Win7 machine that I had not yet logged in to... but won't work on my main Win7 machine that I've been manually mapping My Docs up until now (I reset the My Docs properties to defaults, ran gpupdate /force already - the policy IS updating properly on the server).

I am not forcing exclusive (in the GPO) rights on the folder either.

I CAN log in to another Win7 machine with my account and it DOES WORK.. so I know the GPO is working... it seems to be something local on my machine that I can't quite pinpoint.. I'd rather not reset/blow away my user profile unless absolutely necessary... anyone have any ideas?
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I would just RENAME the local copy of the profile first..... Without deleting it, just to test....
Windows 7 can become a bit troublesome after renaming profile without removing / unassociating it.

Does your login take a while? I have been playing around on a test server and had loads of rubbish - it may be that Windows is trying to move the data from the old folder to the new one - is the old one still there? It may be worth manually changing it to a new path and then updating the GP again...


I'm giving up and just manually mapping it on my machine.. it works on other machines, so I'm not going to sweat it.. just thought there might be an easy solution I was missing (apparently not).

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