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Installshield puts many files in the same component when use wildcards

sam17724 used Ask the Experts™
When I use wildcards for file selection, in Installshield 2008, I end up with components that contain many files, so if I install a new version of my product over an existing installation, apparently the Windows Installer sees that the key file has not changed so it doesn't install any of the files in that component.  Is there any answer to this other than to install to a different location?  The product uses a lot of non-mainstream file extensions so the "best practices" don't help much.  I would like each file to be in a separate component.
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I'm not sure how many files you have but you can just import each file separately into a different component and have it be the key file for that component.  Also, I don't have my installshield on this computer as I just reformatted but I seem to recall that you can set multiple key files for one component.
See http://kb.flexerasoftware.com/doc/Helpnet/installshield16helplib_sp1/DFL-BestPractices.htm

Also, you can manually create multiple components and add one file to each. Tedious, but doable.

Also, you can have a component without any keyfile, it's perfectly normal, especially if the files are not related.


The link and comments helped me to understand the issues.  I'll look into the implications.