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We are migrating user files to a new server. User email archives(*.pst) are stored in user folder
but Outlook stores the location as \\Servername\archive.pst not drive letter. Is there a way to update the location for all users via GP or is there a location where this file location is stored?
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Outlook stores the location of the pst file in the registry, in hex format, in this location
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\<PROFILE_NAME>\9207f3e0a3b11019908b08002b2a56c2]

Of course, you first need to find their outlook profile name if they're not using the standard one

We did this a while back and the vbscript gets quite involved, although we were moving locally stored pst files to the server, so incorporated the move command into the script

The basic process is:
Find out the name of their Outlook profile
Check the registry to get the path of their current PST file (in hex format) from path above
Convert this to a string (so thats its readable)
Change the path to the new location
Convert this back to paired hex values
Write the value back to the registry

We ended up running the script as a group policy user side logon script, as it needs to be run as the user, but with outlook closed.
If you only have to do this for a few users, it may be easier to just move the files and then give the users instructions on how to reconnect to their pst file in the new location

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