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Hi  can anyone give me advice on the microsoft 70-680 certification test.    i Plan to take it in the next few weeks.  Ive been studying with tracender question and CBT nugget online tutorials.    So if there are any other  study guides or tips that anyone can give me  I will apprecaite greatly.  Also do they let you use a scientific calculator during the test?
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Rich WeisslerProfessional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooter

You can't bring anything in with you to take the test -- so if you are asking if you can bring a physical calculator into the test -- I'd say definitely not.  (My testing center takes my keys, wallet, and everything else I'd have with me.)  I can't remember if this test gives you the option of using the windows calculator (some of the questions in some tests gives you a calculator button)... and I can't remember if that calculator allows you to switch over to scientific mode.  The test center should provide you with scratch paper or the equivalent and a writing instrument.

The Transcender material was very good, and was an adequate representation of the exam.  If you are scoring well on those practice exams, and understand the extra materials it provides, you should do well.

I also used this forum thread which included pointers to additional materials, read the Sybex book by Panek (which covers only a small fraction of what you need to know), and the first seventeen chapters of the Windows 7 Resource Kit, especially concentrating on the deployment and migration section (the first twelve chapters).

Have taken many tests I can tell you the windows calculator is generally available for Microsoft exams.  This is the windows calculator, so you can change into scientific mode, if necessary, by pressing Alt + 2.

As mentioned above, all materials are taken and stored outside the testing area.  In testing centers in my area they give you an erasable marker and plastic sheet to write on.

Regarding test preparation training, having not failed a Microsoft exam, I'll usually use the following:

1. Relevant Microsoft Press Exam Book
2. TestOut Software (Included with Microsoft Press Book)
3. Transcender Self Test Software
4. Kaplan SelfTest Software

Also, as you may know, VUE is one of the testing providers (the other being Prometric).  They produce their own books and testing software.  Similar to  MS Press, the self test software is included with the book.  Many of their questions are very similar.


I suppose the best advice beyond being prepared is to be methodical with every question.  On my scratch sheet I'll write down the question 1 and the letters of the possible answers.  I'll then proceed to cross out the obvious incorrect answers and use the process of elimination even when I know the answer.  This helps to thoroughly read each answer.

Some of questions are simulation so obviously this approach doesn't apply. These simulation questions can be reset, so if you need to "browse around" to find the answer within the sim ensure you reset the question prior to performing the task directly.

Rest assured if you use all the resources referenced here you should have no problem passing the exam (assuming you understand what you're reading).  To that end I make sure I am passing all the self test exams 100% (all questions) before I sit for the actual exam.

Hey Hi,

You need to study the below dumps:


Please use as study material only and it will give you good knowledge with proper explanations :)

Enjoy :)
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Rich WeisslerProfessional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooter

VUE is one of the testing providers (the other being Prometric).
As of 31 December, 2007, Pearson VUE will no longer be delivering Microsoft or Microsoft Dynamic exams.

Prometric does still provide Microsoft testing.

@pankajc01 --
You need to study the below dumps:

Be very wary of using dump sites, if for no other reason, when you sign up for and sit for an exam, you agree not to use such material.  (The Microsoft site appears to be down at the moment... but I believe the verbage on the agreement says:
Examples of misconduct and/or misuse of the Exam include, but are not limited to, the following:
* Using unauthorized materials in an attempt to satisfy Exam requirements (this includes using brain-dump material and/or unauthorized publication of Exam questions with or without answers)

If you are caught, you can be stripped of your certifications and prevented from ever obtaining a Microsoft cert.
Razmus: Thanks for the clarifications.

openjohn: I agree, do not use dumps which purport to be the actual questions.  Aside from the reasons pointed out as to why, it's best if you actually learn and understand the concepts of the questions rather than mere memorization of the answers.

Regarding VUE, it's debatable as to whether their status change impacts the quality of the Exam Cram materials, if in doubt read the reviews prior to purchase.
Thanks Razmus  to make me aware about this :)


Thanks x66_x72_x65_x65: for your response.   I have a subcription to test king and to tracender and to cbt nuggets  Im going to get a subscription to kaplan.     Ive never taken a microsoft test so im a little on edge.   You  mentioned simulation question?  How many are thereron the test?  And  where acn I go to practice for those types of question
Rich WeisslerProfessional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooter

I took the 70-680 exam a few months ago, and didn't have any simulation type questions.  (In fact, out of the five tests I've taken over the last year, I haven't seen a single simulation item.)  Microsoft does offer a short introduction on how they work.

Testking is one of the practice test providers who has gotten in trouble in the past.
@openjohn: as Razmus eluded to sim questions are a rarity.  I have personally received maybe 4 or 5 questions over the course of 10 exams.  So don't worry too much about it.  To answer your question you would practice on the OS itself (i.e. Windows 7).  My personal 70-680 sim question was related to User Account Control notification.  The answer required running the Local Security Policy editor and navigating to the correct policy (i.e. Local Policies > Security Options > and toggling the correct option).

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