find out what SID and SERIAL#  i am 10g when i connect

Jayesh Acharya
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is there a simple way for me to know what
sid / serial # i am when i connect to oracle.

Currently The same user id will connect a few times and will connect using the same program

I am really trying to find out if I can get the information from sys.v_$session, but i want it for the session I am currently connected to.

I was going to record this information in a log, so that if I have an issue with a process that was developed, I would be able to quickly look for the SID and Serial# to use the ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION '$SID,&SERIAL' command.

Any help would be apprecieated ...

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SID:    select sys_context('USERENV','SID') from dual;
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Session ID:  select sys_context('USERENV','SESSIONID') from dual;
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You may also have a v$mystat and v$sesstat view, depending on which catalog views / synonyms exist in your db.

Try the below query to get your current sid and serial#.

SQL> select sid, serial# from V$session where sid = (select distinct sid from V$mystat);

       SID    SERIAL#
---------- ----------
       136      52249

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