How to Save Links To DropBox to Download on Different Computer

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Hello All -

While browsing the web at work sometimes, I want to download some files in my browser, but since I only have a 150k connection here, I want to download them at home instead.  Therefore, I've been connecting via VNC to my home computer, copying / pasting the links into my home browser, then saving them.

Also currently, I use torrents.  I have uTorrent set up so that no matter what device I'm on, I can save a .torrent to a Dropbox folder and uTorrent watches that folder for them and automatically downloads them when they appear.  This is the exact thing that I'd like to set up with my browser links.

Does anyone know of an app / script that does something similar already?  Integration such as the DropBox one above would be ideal.  I run Windows 7 x64.  Thanks!
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You cannot just simply drag the url from your browser or web page links to your desktop?

the .url (browser shortcut) is simply an enhanced ini file..

For example:

Open in new window



If you use Firefox (on both places) you could try "Firefox Sync". It's not an add-on, it's a base feature; I have it in Firefox 5 (Tools menu), I'm not sure if it's there in earlier versions.

You can read up on it here:

I hope this helps!

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