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I need a way to back up my files that is more automated than what I am doing now. I have external hard drives and just copy my files to them. I also need access to single files rather than having to restore whole folders in order to replace one corrupted file. I don't think I need an image of my total hard drive should that fail unless someone can point out a reason I'm not aware of.. I can always reload windows and my software.  My main concern is backing up about 600 GB of photos. None of these are stored on my C:\ drive. They are on another internal hard drive plus an external hard drive.
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I recoment you Genie Timeline

You have a free version and a PRO. It the set it and forget it kind of backup software. and when you want to restaure a file It easy.
SYnctoy is designed for windows machines

robocopy and syncback are also good options.
Depending on what king of protection you want, Sync toy need to be schedule  and if you want to be sure your file a sync you need to go see the log or verify on the target drive. If you add a new file and dont want to wait for the schedule to run you have to run it manualy.

Genie Timeline will add a small green/red dot on each protected file. Green is when the file are backuped and Red is when is not. A soon you put a new file on your drive Genie will catch it and backup them.
(Can be a problem if you add a 1gig or 2 gig file and you change your mind and want to delete it. (You will have to wait a few minutes to let the backup finish to delete  it.)

Synctoy could be a good solution depending what you realy need. Now you have the information to figure what is good need.


The people who monitor these questions seem in a big hurry to close everything out. When answers are given that suggest a software it may take more than overnight to check out and try out the suggested software to see if it is what you are looking for. So I'll divide the points and accept all solutions so it can be closed out.

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