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     I have a client that has 2 Ricoh Color Copiers.  They have setup on a Windows 2003 server.  On the server they went to Printer Preferences and set to Black and White as they want that by default and don't want avg users to be able to change.

In the security tab of the printer they have the Domain Users and Everyone Group with Print only option selected.  However when a domain user tries to print they can still change the option to go to Color.  Are they missing a step?  They want users to pritn in B&W only and only a few select users to have the color option.  thanks.
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The best way I know of is to use the PostScript driver and modify the PPD file to remove all mention of colour. The PPD file is a text file that tells the driver what the printer can do. I have done this before and can try it again if you are interested.

You'll need to install the modified PPD with the Adobe PostScript driver as that avoids having to modify the .INI file. Then give only that driver to the B&W users, and give both drivers to the colour users. The Adobe driver is available here:


If you are interested, please post the PPD file for your printer (you'll find it somewhere under C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SPOOL).
Or just look for a suitable mono only driver. If one isn't available for the device, maybe find a "standard" pcl 4, 5 or 6 driver. i.e. Laserjet 4, laserjet 5.

What device is this?


They are ricoh Aficio MP C4500.  So I would create two printers?  One with normal driver and the other with mono driver only?
Yes. I would use the MPC4500 driver for colour and the MP4500 driver for the mono.

I don't know then engines involved, but this seems the logical choice for the first try.
If the MP4500 & MPC4500 have similar features (trays, etc) then yes, try those 2 drivers first. Otherwise, post the PPD for the MPC4500. Either way you will have 2 drivers installed.


Ok I will give this setup a try.

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