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I have a pc that's not getting out to the internet at small business


At friends business, I have on PC that can't get out to the internet.  The rest of the PCs in the office can.  I recently finished putting Cisco ASA 5505 device in and it tunnels to a second location where the DNS and domain controller are.  The PC does get an address from the ASA device as well as being able to ping it.  I can also remote control pc by reaching out from another device inside the firewall.  I have tried giving it a static IP and have compared DNS/gateway/subnet mask with other PCs and it has identical settings.  Any ideas?  Is this ASA or likely local PC settings issue?  Windows Vista Ultimate SP1

Thank you.
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Is the default gateway correct?  You may have to enter that manually.
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I have everything static right now and gateway is same as other PCs I compared with.  thanks.
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well since Asa have the function of firewall the most probable it´s ASA settings relative  issue...
It started working again for seemingly no reason.  I'll keep eye on it for a few days.  Thanks!
Ok, machine I was working on is still fine, but two more PCs have the same syptoms today.  Basically, they all have the same network settings outside of IP address and they can ping the firewall, but cannot get out to internet and ultimately use the vpn tunnel to other location.  While at same time the other PCs have mapped drives to other location, mail and internet connectivity.  Is there a mac filter or something on the ASA 5505?  It's weird that it seems to be hopping machines in a musical chairs way.  Also, I checked for conflicting IP addresses and they are all unique accross the office.  Thank you!
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I found out reason for issue myself.