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Database built in Access 2007, won't open in 2010

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I have a database that I built in Access 2007.   When opened in 2010, it appears to open ok, (goes to mainmenu), but all forms except one will not open.  Shows in Taskmgr to be running, but for all practical appearances it is locked up.  

One more bit of information.    I just figured out that all of the forms that didn't open (they seemed to lock the program up) had the POPUP and MODAL properties set to YES.    

These are also set this way in the 2007 version and it works.  Can anyone point me to why this isn't working in 2010?
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I've tried moving the MSACC.OLB file from 2007 to the 2010 install, but that didn't work.   I've also added the folder as a TRUSTED LOCATION.
Infrastructure and Database Design Consultant
Check the co-ordinates and also how you open the form.
You may have to force the dialog option:

Docmd.OpenForm "frmMyModalForm" , acNormal, ,, acFormEdit, acDialog

This is an interesting read: http://www.msoffice.us/Access/PDF/Using%20VBA%20to%20Enhance%20Forms.pdf
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
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<I've tried moving the MSACC.OLB file from 2007 to the 2010 install, but that didn't work.  >
Make sure you return your system to it's original state...

To be sure Open the dB in Access 2007 and run the compact/repair utility.
Then create a new blank, Access 2007 format db and import all the objects.
Then open this new DB in access 2010 and see what happens.
Do you have any activeX controls on the form that's not opening?


No Active X controls.   Havent had ability to try importing all objects as boag2000 sugested.  Hopefull will try tomorrow.

Didnt' quite understand first post from fomoruto, read seemed pretty general.   Thanks all for imput.


Tried importing all objects into new database.   Pretty much same results
Francis OmorutoInfrastructure and Database Design Consultant
My first post was wondering if the window was opening, but in a location that was off-screen, hence the "freezing" of the application.
If you have defined hot-keys for some of the buttons (if any), try them when it seems frozen.
Also try the usual suspects: Ctrl-F4, Alt-F4, Ctrl-W and see if they have any effect.
If they work, then you may need to try Alt-space M (to move) and use the arrow keys to try and bring it into view.


That is what it was.   For some reason 2010 was handling multiple monitors differently, and the forms were simply opening off screen.  

Francis OmorutoInfrastructure and Database Design Consultant

You're welcome!