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Coldfusion Create the Structure of Arrays with a Distinct suggestions Words

Hello Experts!

During one of my request for help , I have asked for a logic to convert an xml to Struct of arrays and it was very helpful ...

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Now we need an update the logic to contain ONLY DISTINCT values in the ARRAY
Please help ...

<suggestions elapsed-time="PT0.010333S">
<term original="dissorder">
<suggestion levenschtein-dist="1">Disorder</suggestion>
<suggestion levenschtein-dist="1">disorder</suggestion>
<suggestion levenschtein-dist="2">Disorders</suggestion>
<suggestion levenschtein-dist="2">disorders</suggestion>
<suggestion levenschtein-dist="2">distorter</suggestion>
<term original="sleep">
<suggestion levenschtein-dist="0">Sleep</suggestion>
<suggestion levenschtein-dist="0">sleep</suggestion>
<suggestion levenschtein-dist="1">asleep</suggestion>
<suggestion levenschtein-dist="1">seep</suggestion>
<suggestion levenschtein-dist="1">sleeps</suggestion>

<cfset terms = xmlSearch(xmlfile, "/suggestions/term")>					
					<cfset results  = structNew()>
          <cfloop array="#terms#" index="term">
            <cfset zeroLev = xmlSearch(term, "*[@levenschtein-dist='0']")>
            <cfif ArrayLen(zeroLev) EQ 0 >
                <cfset key = term.XmlAttributes.original >
                <cfset results[key] = []>
                <cfloop array="#term.xmlChildren#" index="child">
                      <cfset arrayAppend(results[key], child.xmlText)>

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8/22/2022 - Mon

CF8 or CF9? Also is it important to maintain the order of the array?
Dan Schimo

Dan Schimo

Cf8 , yes order of the array is important as I am assigning the 1st word in the array as an suggestion
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

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> CF has arrayFind.    But in CF8 you have to do it the long way.

Correction:  CF9 has arrayFind ...
Dan Schimo

Works Like a Charm as usual , Could you please shed some light on the chr(7) used in the Code . If you have got some Time....


Sure.  With list functions you must pick a delimiter that doesn't appear within the data or you get the wrong results. chr(7) is the non-printable bell character. It's very unlikely it'll appear in your data.  So it makes a pretty safe delimiter.
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