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Exchange 2010 client blocking


Today, for no reason that I am aware of, Outlook 2003 clients are getting a message that states "Your Exchange Server administrator has blocked the version of Outlook that you are using. Contact your administrator for assistance"

Well I am the administrator they come to contact.  No settings have been tampered with or changed in the last few weeks.  I am unsure where to look (Not being that good with the Shell yet), but when I look for client blocking in the regesitry, there is no string called "Disable Mapi Clients--I assume because I would have been the one to put it there.)

I know this can't be done in the EMC, so what commands would I use to see what clients are being blocked, and then what command to remove them.

Also, we have 5 Exchange 2010 servers, and this is only happening on one.

Thank you.
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Thank you for all the info.  Turns out my Public Folder hierarchy was pointed to a decomm'd server.