Exchange 2010 CAS and HUB at same servers

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4000 mailboxes, 50 messages sent/received per day per user, multiple sites, Exchange Servers consolidated in just one datacenter.

Two Servers with CAS and HUB on them. Hardware Load Balancer controlling traffic between these servers. Two MBX Servers with DAG.

Hardware: 16gb RAM, 2x Quad core Xeon 3.6GHz for each server

Question: Is Okay to put on the same server both CAS and HUB Role?
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I would say that you can combine the roles, but you may want to check capacity (expected growth) of the mail system.
All users will connect via the CAS and it will also perform delivery duties as well.

The recommended ratio is 3 CAS cores to 4 mailbox-server cores, so you could probably run 12 mailbox cores with your setup.
This assumes a high number of mail users on the mail servers, and with 4,000 you will probably not generate a very high load.

Of course it all comes down to how good the network is. :)

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