Migrating / Importing Exchange SBS 2003 information store to Exchange 2010

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One of our customers servers crashed and burned to the ground.  (literally)

I have them currently hosted on my Exchange server till we find them a new home.  I am running Exchange 2010.  I have a copy of the last backup of their Exchange information store from SBS 2003.  Is there a migration tool or something that I can do to mount this old database and extract the data and re-import it into someone's mailbox?  What's the fastest way to do this for the masses.  I found stuff I could extract to a PST file...  But the I have to individually import them all...  Sigh...  There has to be a better way.

I know in Exchange 2007 there was a utility...  No such luck looking for one in 2010.  I'm sure that SBS server is probably going to throw a monkey wrench into this whole thing too...  

Any help or guidance would be great!

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You will have to use your tool to export the mailboxes. Make sure the PST file is named after the mailbox name.

Now using EMC;
Dir <path to files>*.pst | %{
    New-MailboxImportRequest –Name ImportOfPst –BatchName ImportPstFiles `
        –Mailbox $_.BaseName –FilePath $_.FullName

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Perhaps I should have stated my questions a bit differently.  I am looking for 1 tool to do it all.  We can't afford to purchase one tool to extract the data from the information store and then another tool to import them.  (Something free would be nice...  sigh)

You'd think that Mickeysoft would have thought of this and came up with a migration tool or something.  An Information store converter or something...  

Any way to mount the old 2003 SBS information store to Exchange 2010?  Or some other method like installing sbs2k3 and mounting the DB there and transferring the data?
Or some other method like installing sbs2k3 and mounting the DB there and transferring the data?
This is the only way you are going to do it if you want to transfer the data...

You only need the tool to export the pst files, you can then import them into 2010 using the powershell snippet I sent. It will do all of the files in a folder.


Thanks!  It was a long and arduous process but it is done!

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