Email issue:  4.0.0 smtp; temporary local problem - please retry

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I keep getting this error message everytime I attempt to send to a particular user.  The bounce back will occur anywhere between 10 min. to 6 hours.

How do I resolve issue?
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Is this error message only occurring when you attempt to send to this particular recipient, or is it occurring for any recipient?

Is this recipient in the same domain as you? (ie: /, etc)? Is this a local e-mail server (example:

How long has this issue been occurring, and does it occur when your security software is disabled?

Cheers - Mark
Have you checked the Event Viewer? Also the message tracker feature in Exchange may give some light.


I did get some assistance, remotely, but not really sure on how it was determined that the issue is on their clients side...where we are sending the email to.

This was done via telnet from a CMD prompt.  BUT not sure how it was determined.  From what I recall, there was a To and From lines comming from the CMD prompts.

Can someone explain?
Not too sure - but maybe if you're being blacklisted?

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