vba excel: combine 2 cell values to 1 cell

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Hello Experts,

I am trying to combine 2 cells into one, but have a few "if" issues.
I am attaching a workbook example to help.

I want to take the cell value of "B1" which is 6:00 and combine it with cell value of "C1" which is 4:00 and have that show in "B14" as 6 - 4.  
In this scenerio I am taking the first numeric figure from each cell, separated with a " - " character.

I will then move on to D1 & E1 etc.

The "if"
Is when the time is anything other than the whole hour.  For example if "B1" = 6:30 then it would truncate the 0, leaving the 6:3 add the " - " then the first digit in cell "C1".
Range "B14" would show 6:3 - 4 (if this is impossible - then the whole 6:30 would have to be worked with, if it not a whole hour)

Is this possible?  I have tried a few things - but this is out of my league.

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check this
Sr. System Analyst
here it is:

=MOD(HOUR(F1),12) & IF(MINUTE(F1)=0, "", ":" & (MINUTE(F1)/10)) & "-" & MOD(HOUR(G1),12) & IF(MINUTE(G1)=0, "", ":" & (MINUTE(G1)/10))

adjust the cells for others


Great - Thank you very much!!
Another formula

=SUBSTITUTE(TEXT(SUBSTITUTE(TEXT(A1,"h:mm"),":","."),"General"),".",":")&" - "&SUBSTITUTE(TEXT(SUBSTITUTE(TEXT(B1,"h:mm"),":","."),"General"),".",":")

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