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How to monitor port status of Cisco Switch using PacketTrap IT?

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Hi guys, I'm very confused. I would like to monitor the port traffic of my Cisco 3560 and 2960 switches through software such as PacketTrap IT. I understand that these switches doesn't support NetFlow. I have a Cisco 3560 as a Core Switch and 3 X 2960 as Edge Switches. The Core switch is being connected to each Edge switches (uplink). I read that we can use port mirroring?

In order to monitor individual port of each switches, where do I configure port mirroring on? Is it only on the Core Switch or on all switches? Then I should connect the port that is mirrored to the PacketTrap Server?
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Here is a link to give you and idea how to configure SPAN and RSPAN sessions. If the server will be plugged locally on the switch you want to monitor you can use SPAN. If not, then you can use RSPAN. Take a read:



Hi Soulja, is it possible to monitor all ports of the switch or this is mostly used for specific monitoring purposes only. My objective is to track individual bandwidth utilization on each users machine and where they have been to and what site they have visited. Please advise.
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You can monitor all traffic in a vlan if you want instead of a port. Then just add all the ports to the vlan. If you are trying to track internet usage you may want to use some type of web filter, proxy type of appliance.