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elliottbenzle used Ask the Experts™
This is the page I'm having the problem with:

In the middle of the page there is a secondary menu that says: Edit View Messages Connection
I want the sub menu of these items to be in Arial font. I added the following css:

ul li.cbMenuLeaf2 {
line-height: 1.6;
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font-size: 12px; }

But the font is still appearing as Steelfish.
Does anyone know why my css is not being applied?
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I'm sorry, using the link you provided us, I am unable to any secondary menu that says; Edit View Messages Connection.

Please provide us with the correct link or point out specifically the area you are concerned with.

Thank you.

I visited the page but I am unable to see the text you speak of.  The site appears to crash IE9 but loads in Firefox.

I'll try this blindly, in your CSS file, is there any other reference to "steefish"?  If so, this may be overriding your changes.  Since the menu is composed of hyperlinks, you can try:

ul li cbMenuLeaf2 a {

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You can also apply this CSS to the ul tag directly if you know which template file controls the secondary menu.  If that works, then that means the conflict is the css file somewhere.

Hope this helps.
Jagadishwor DulalSenior Web Developer

I think we have to login to see your Edit View Messages Connection then you must provide the login information in the general page there is no Edit View Messages Connection

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