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Connect to RWW SBS 2008 with a Mac

James Parsons
James Parsons used Ask the Experts™
Anyone know if you can connect a Mac to Remote Web Workplace in SBS 2008?
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You can open the webpage and access the outlook web access, but there is not currently a RDP client that will support TS Gateway. This means that unfortunately there is no way to connect to machine desktops.
ibrahim52Team Leader
Better to install VMware or Virtualbox and run Windows XP virtually and meet your needs.
ibrahim52Team Leader

The reason that you can't get RWW working on a Mac (or on any other
non-Internet Explorer browser for that matter) is that the RWW interface
for remotely connecting to a workstation is built on an ActiveX control,
and ActiveX is only supported in Internet Explorer. So if you try to use
FilreFox or some other non-IE browser on Windows, you won't get it to
run, nor will you be able to use that feature on a Mac or a Linux


Thank you wingatesl for the answer, and thank you ibrahim52 for a good optional solution.
ibrahim52Team Leader

Thanks partekitsolutions :) for the points and that's how i use XP on my FEDORA because most of the popular application supports only IE. Good luck.