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Having trouble finding required specs for replacement power supply

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Hello, I have an pentium 4 Acer Power series f5 tower which I need a new power supply for.  The existing power supply is 15cm X 14cm X 8.5 cm and has a 24pin connection (model FSP300-60THA(1) 300W).  The motherboard is ECS - RC410 M2 http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Product/Product_Detail.aspx?DetailID=589&CategoryID=1&MenuID=16&LanID=9.
The PC is just running the standard graphics card etc, no upgrades.  Not used for gaming.

Are there any special specifications I need to find in a new power supply? - the mobo specs don't seem to give detailed info.  

I also have another used power supply which is the same size, but only has a 20 pin connection and is 450 W (Eagle model no DR - B450E).  Can this be used temporarily or permanently? - the PC works when this is plugged in, but some of the output amps are slightly different.
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that spare will work fine
the power output 450w is the maximum it can supply - if the system needs less then you are OK
the AMPS are similarly rated as the maximum that can be provided.
the only thing that matters is the voltage - which is pretty standard.
450W will be plenty for that system - you could add extra hard drives and vid card if need and still be ok.
sorry - ideally you would want the 24 pin connector, but the extra pins are to supply extra current (Amps) if required - which is somewhat unlikely uless you put more cards in
Well if you're feeling brave then give your old 20-pin PSU a shot. If the computer is unstable then chances are it's the PSU.
Personally I would get a proper 24-pin power supply. Any new generation power supply should work fine.


If I was to buy a new one, does the fan need to be facing exactly the same direction?  The existing one had a ~7cm fan facing out the back of the tower.


Does brand matter for general use/lower end wattage uses?
Well every PSU I ever bought had a fan blowing out the back. Brand doesn't matter as much on a basic low end PC but I wouldn't buy one from the Dollar Store either...no matter the system.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.
>>  Does brand matter for general use/lower end wattage uses?


But getting a brand that is known to be reilable is recommended.

I'll do some summarising.  (Not asking for any points for this question when you award).

A 24 pin connection is recommended.  (You may get away with a 20 pin connector).  If you have a 20 pin connector power supply check it.  There may be a 4 pin power extension attached to all of those leads that fits into the spare holes.  If you find it examine carefully that it matches the spare holes.

Power supplies may have fans that exhaust directly out or the fan may be elsewhere in the PSU and draws air in.  As long as the air gets out that is all that is wanted.

>>  some of the output amps are slightly different.

Won't matter.  As long as the output amps are more than the other PSU for the specified voltages.  And with that wattage difference they should be.
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you can use a 20 to 24 pin adapter : http://www.xoxide.com/20-to-24-pin-adapter.html
recommendation is buy a brand name power supply,  any standard brand will do, don't go for the so cheap because in the long run the stability of your system only matters to you..   A bad power supply is difficult to identify if the power supply didn't die,  you will have problem, left and right and wont know what part is the one giving you errors until you had switched  every part and had come to the conclusion that is the power supply..    Some time a bad power supply could supply low voltage to the 4 extra ping, giving you the impression that your system is failing either for Memory failure or CPU failure, also could send low voltage to dvd/bdr drive or hard disk and you will in the same boat..     Recomendantion.
go for either Antec, Cooler master  (both are case company and had being in the power supply market for a very long time, with very good and reliable porduct)  XFX is another brand is new, but the quality of their product is very good and their warranty is amazing.


Thanks guys