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I am new to DNN, but I have the need to develop a custom authentication module that will call a web service. I have a stand-along web application that calls the webservice to authenticate a user, but I need to integrate this functionality witih DNN.
Please note, I will ultimately have more than one DNN portal if this makes any difference.  Can someone please give me some guidance as to my options?  I assume I'll have to create a new module, I may have to integrate specifically with the Membership Provider etc., but I really don't know.
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1.      DotNetNuke 4.6 and later provided us with a very helpful new development method known as Authentication Providers.
2.      Three providers are provided by the core; DNN, LiveId, and OpenId. These came pre-installed
3.      Here you need to create new authentication provider you must first login to your portal as the host user, then navigate to the host settings under the "Host" menu.  
4.      Install provider like any DNN module.
5.      To create new Authentication provider, plz go through following blog
6.      You can also refer to following


Thanks Kishanzunjare.  I will give this a try and re-post a question if I have any problems.


Just a note on my experience with DNN.  I learned DNN a couple of years ago and built one commercial web site with it but have since dropped it entirely and even redid the one DNN site I built.

I found that the modules that were available were often constricting, not quite doing what I really wanted, and that there was sketchy or no support for them. The first version of a module was usually done by the DNN team, just to show a proof of concept until someone in the community came along and did a better one.  But you never knew if anyone was going to be available to support a module.  The DNN team members seemed to be volunteers and  rotate frequently, so if the designer of your module had moved on you were out of luck - after you had taken the time to learn the module and integrate it into your site.

 The last straw for me was when I wanted to do something that was a stretch for DNN.  There was a commercial  module that went some distance toward what I wanted and I worked the the designer for several months modifying it to do what I wanted, but I pushed him way beyond what he had put into the module and we both agreed finally that we were trying to drive a square peg into a round hole.  I complained to the DNN forum and their solution was that I should hire a DNN consultant to design a custom DNN module from scratch.  At that point I asked myself, "Why am I using DNN?"  

The solution turned out to be quite straight forward and elegant with PHP and MySQL and I never did another DNN site.  Breaking free of DNN, for me,  was like breaking out of prison.

That was my experience with DNN.  


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