Can a linksys be access from a remote VPN tunnel

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I have installed An ASA5505 at home to replace my Linksys E4200 wireless router. I turned off DHCP in my linksys and just use it as an Wireless Access point, but gave it a static IP so that I could reach and manage it.
I also have an ASA setup at work in a test network and have set up a VPN tunnel between home and work.

I can ping back and forth from both networks. I can ping my wireless access port from my home network, but that is the only device I can't ping from the remote side. Does the linksys block traffic request off it's home subnet?
I found i had the same problem with my netgear Stora drive, but I change the stora's Sunbet mask to /16 so it thinks that both my home and remote network is one subnet.

The linksys will not let you select a subnet below a /24...

This is not really a huge problem, just wondered it there was a quick work around
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The subnet at the office and home site MUST be differnet for routing to take place. Is this the case?
i.e. if both stes use the same local subnet such as both using 192.168.0.x you will not be able to access devices on the remote network.
Did you remember to put the ASA at home as the default gateway on the Linksys. If not, the ping will reach it, but it will have no way to respond.
I assume you have different ip subnets since you state you can ping back and forth between all other units.


My local site is and the remote site is all devices work fine from site to site just can't access the AP from the remote site. I don't have DGW set on the AP, I just turned off DHCP and used one of the open ports in the back of the AP to hook it to my router. (not using the internet uplink port on the AP)
You need to either add a default gateway to the ip configuration for the internal network port on the AP, or add a static route to the AP pointing to the ASA. For example:
Route to (assuming that the ASAs ip)
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