How can I get a value to return in a VB Script so it will be part of the file path name

Joe Brown
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Please see below document which is a screen shot. I would like for the ML_LOTSERIALNO$ to return the value to the file path where I have noted 'value'. How can I write the script so that it wit will do this?
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Could you specify more details and complete requirements

I'm not really sure what you mean but I'm wondering if you want...
objShell.ShellExecute("M:\Quality Logs\Quality Logs\\Master-CofA File\" & ML_LOTSERIALNO$ & ".pdf")

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Joe BrownIT Manager


I hava tried this and I get an error on script line #27

  27 : objShell.ShellExecute("M:\Quality Logs\Quality Logs\Master-CofA File\" & ML_LOTSERIALNO$ & ".pdf")

I attached a screen shot of the error I received
Joe BrownIT Manager


I removed the $ from the field name and it worked! :) This is the final code that I used.
Thank you!

' Use ShellExecute to open a particular file
Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")

objShell.ShellExecute( "M:\Quality Logs\Quality Logs\Master-CofA File\" & ML_LOTSERIALNO & ".pdf" )

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