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PeterErhard used Ask the Experts™
I'm trying to associate two SQL Resource Groups to two separate MSDTC groups.

I'm trying the command:

msdtc -tmMappingSet -name INFRASTRUCTURE01 -service MSSQL$INFRASTRUCTURE01 -clusterResource PPSQL11Dtc

But it doesn't seem to work. See attached screenshots.

What am I doing wrong here?
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Ryan McCauleySenior Data Architect

Do you have two separate MSDTC resource groups on your cluster? What's the need for having the two groups instead of just once MSDTC that they share?

I know you're asking how, but I'm tempted to ask why - we have about 20 clustered instances using a single MSDTC group on our cluster without any issues at all, and I've never seen a clustered SQL Server with multiple MSDTC groups, so I'm just wondering what the reasoning is for going through the extra effort.

I don't mean to question you, but I've just never seen it done that way.
Ryan McCauleySenior Data Architect

Here's a forum discussion I found:

The consensus there seems to be that a cluster aware app will choose the MSDTC in the same cluster group, and if there isn't one, then the cluster default (or if there's no cluster default, then no transactions), whereas a non-cluster-aware app will pick the cluster default unless you use the command you've described above to assign it. Since SQL Server is cluster aware, it seems it would fall into the first group - if you want an MSDTC assigned directly to that SQL Server, put it in the same cluster group as the SQL Server resource.


Hi Ryan,

My reason was around reading this document by Microsoft where they recommend not having just a single MSDTC instance running for the cluster.

My plan was to have a dedicated MSDTC resource per node.

Ok I found the problem.

It was with the tag -ClusterResource, it should have been -ClusterResourceName.


Solved myself

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