remote app returns a error sayign password is expired or account is disabled

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The problem is

The client cannot connect to my remote app . They double click the icon and it comes back with an error sayign the password is either expired ot disabled. The client can use his login details on any other pc and it works perfectly . No idea why this is happening. I tried re install the remote app shortcut and re applying my certificate.

attached is a screenshot of the error . Any help ideas or suggestion are welcome error
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Check your Lan connection:
1. Can the client ping to remote computer?
2. Check firewall or antivirus block remote connection?


checked all of the above and more ... nothing is blocking it
Have you verified that "Enable remote control" is enabled within the Remote Control tab in the user's AD account properties?

Besides that, also verifiy that the user is a member of the Remote Desktop group on your Remote Desktop Server.

If everything else is clear, I would also suggest changing the password (if at all possible) to ensure it's properly updating in your domain.
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Control Pannel>>Users>>advanced>>managed passwords:

You might have a cached password that this PC is trying to use in lieu of the actual certificate from the domain controller. Check and delete managed passwords. They can cause problems on a domain. A group policy can be set to prevent users from storing managed or cached passwords.


Yes the user is enabled for remote desktop. I can use his credentials on any other machine

I have tried disabling and reenabling the account. changing the password  etc

ChiefiT i will check thisand get back to you in a short while .

Ive also went throught the registry and removed all refrences to this connection ... same issue


Worked like a charm !

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