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ad smtp site link, do i need it?

jhaff used Ask the Experts™
i've inherited a domain with two ad sites.  the sites are in two different physical locations, connected with a point to point.

for some odd reason, there is an smtp site link in sites and services titled "exchange".  both sites are part of the link, however only one domain controller at one site is listed as a smtp bridgehead transport.  the default IP sitelink is there and no servers are listed as bridgeheads, but i believe that is the default setup.  i'm pretty sure i can remove the smtp link, no?  it triggers a slew of errors in my event log every 15 minutes.

i believe that someone thought they could route exchange smtp traffic between sites... but i was under the assumption that they are for site replication, not smtp email messages, could someone clarify?
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there are 2 modes for AD replication

1) IP/RPC: all the changes are replicated using RPC trafic between sites
2) SMTP:all the changes are replicated using RPC trafic between sites

routing of exchange smtp traffic between sites is not possible using AD sites and Service , it has to be done on routing level (router,firewall)
removing the erroneous smtp site link fixed my problem.


ok answer, not the clarification i was looking for