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I have a Solaris 10 system that was working perfectly a last week.  Then on Thursday, I got a report that users were having issues with the system.  I went to run a couple of commands to see what was going on, but only received errors.  I attempted a reboot and it did resolve some issues but not all.  When I attempted to run the find command, I got the result of "find: cannot open /: Resource temporarily unavailable".  The mount all command would not mount any of ther NFS mounts it came back with...  mount: Mount point cannot be determined. Also, I am having an issue with an Oracle implmentation on the system.  One of the databases disappeared and the Oracle Apache web builder interface stopped working completety.  The system has plenty of memory and disk space.  I have checked the memory and found no issues.  The messages file has no pointers to to an error.
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"One of the databases disappeared and ...." this seems normal since you have a mounting problem.

Haver you tried the following :
mount -o remount,rw
what's the output of df -h command ?
What is the platform that you are running Solaris 10 i.e. Sparc, x86, Sun/Oracle, IBM, HP etc.  This clearly seems to be hardware related.  Possibly a memory issue or you need a firmware update for BIOS. If it is not leaving anything in messages it smells like memory.  Let me know the platform and possibly I can help further.
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Oh it would also be helpful to see the actual error messages you are getting.
Yes please post the errors and I would post messages for us to look at as well.

i would start with a full fsck of the system assuming you have a backup.  Check what milestone you are at with svcs "svc:/milestone/*"  and make sure that all your services have started.   Look in /var/svc/log for any errors and post those..

Post df -h output that hossamshaaban asked for.


Seems that someone went on the system and deleted file that there were not supposed to.  I have been forced to rebuild the system.

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