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RVS4000 VPN connection

I currently have a RVS4000 setup for a small business and everything has been working fine.  I can connect with VPN and remote desktop to any machine, map drives, etc.  However, I recently installed  a RAC card on the server.  If I'm inside the domain I can get to it through https but not if I remote in through VPN then use https.  From the remote node, I can ping the card through VPN, but not see it through port 443/https.  On the ACL, I even added the two http and https requests, even though the default is allow all service from both lan and wan.  Pictured attached.  Btw, is this good to have it all services from both lan and wan open like this?


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Thanks for your help Syed.  

No, I"m trying to goto https after I VPN in.  Ya, I don't want to open any more ports to the internet than I have to.   Which brings  me to 2 questions.

1) How do I open a port from  VPN-LAN
2) From the screen shot above (ACL) it look like everything is open, could this be good?