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asked on open text file

how can I open a text file and leave it open so that if I try to write to the file I get file already open error..
I would like to test a few function but I need the (already open)
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Dim sw1 as StreamWriter = New StreamWriter(strPathAndFilename)
Dim sw2 as StreamWriter = New StreamWriter(strPathAndFilename)
You will need to import System.IO, if not already imported.
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I am just learning vb, but I came across this that might work -

Dim ff As Integer
On Error GoTo errHandler

ff = FreeFile
Open "c:\sample.txt" For Random Access Write As #ff
Close #ff

    MsgBox "File is Open"

Hello madhatter5501

While i have no intention to discourage your attitude to be helpful, may i bring it to your attention that this question is being asked in Microsoft Visual Basic.NET zone and your answer caters to Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 / 6.0, the older versions prior to .NET.
thanks for clearing that up :)  sorry for the incorrect answer to the question.