Remove Phantom Disk (RecoveryHD) from boot partition list with Windows 7 & MacOS

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I installed Bootcamp on my Mac Laptop, however, after
installing the  Windows 7 OS, realised that the space allocated
 for Windows wasn't big enough.

Tried running Carbon Copy Clone, redo the volumne to be larger
for Windows and then copied all over, however, the volume
wasn't NTFS and Windows install failed.

I then tried to recovery from the Windows DVD, but that failed
due to the volume not being NTFS. In the end, I removed the
Windows partition and started again. Recreated the Bootcamp
partition and reinstalled WIndows 7.

All fine, except now when I boot and hold down the ALT key I
 can see three drives to boot from, MacOS, Windows7 & 

In Mac I only see the Mac & Windows partitions. In side Window
I see, MacOS partition, EFI partition, Windows partition, & another
partition. I believe I need to retain the EFI partition, as well as the
WIndows & Mac partition.

But how do I get rid this phantom disk partition of RecoveryHD?

I have tried reinstalling Windows, resizing the disk from Mac
side, but in the end I still see the RecoveryHD partition.

I have searched here and externally but can't see anyone with
a similar problem.
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The Recovery HD might be the windows dvd that is still in the drive...remove the windows dvd...reboot and then check.



No DVD in the drive.

I have now removed the Windows partition but the Mac partition is only 499.27GB from a 500GB drive. When I press ALT now it shows MacOS & Recovery HD.
Have you upgraded to OS X 10.7 Lion by any chance? If so. the recovery partition is part of Lion.
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Yes, I have upgraded to Lion. So, the recovery partition is to remain?
Here is Apple's explanation of the Lion Recovery Partition:

Basically the story is that, since Apple no longer ships Lion CD's (you download the OS instead), the installer creates a bootable recovery partition with an OS installer and disk repair utilities, so that if you can't boot from your regular partition, you can boot from the recovery partition and either attempt a drive repair or re-install the OS.

If you would like to recover the space used by the recovery partition, Apple just today announced a utility that will enable you to copy the recovery partition to a bootable USB thumb drive so you can then delete the recovery partition:


The information helped to put my mind at easy that Lion placed the RecoveryHD and not the problems I had in installing WIndows 7.

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