Need to debug process as a non admin (VS2010)

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I am running the following
Win7 SP1 Enterprise
VS2010 Pro SP1
Non admin user

I need to attach to the w3wp.exe process
I have assigned myself debug privs via GPO

When attempting to attach to the process I get

Microsoft Visual Studio

Unable to attach to the process. Visual Studio has insufficient privileges to debug this process. To debug this process, Visual Studio must be run as an administrator.

The main issue is I need to debug a site that handles multiple hostheaders (sitecore)
Cassini has no concept of hostheaders
IISExpress does not handle hostheaders - cannot launch site with different hostheaders

Is there an alternative around this ?

Side note
I have tried to give myself admin token with the following as a test as well

VS launches as an 'admin' but gives me the whole Unable to attach to the process. Visual Studio has insufficient privileges to debug this process.

Side note 2
Using process explorer on devenv.exe doesn't show the SeDebugPrivilege enabled
I have tried using ntrights.exe to grant the rights - rebooted and still not there.
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As highlighted in the following MSDN article:
When you log on as a non-administrator, there is one feature you will lose: Windows does not allow debugging of native applications that are running as a different user unless you have the special user right allowing it (SeDebugPrivilege), and the .NET Framework does not allow debugging other users' applications unless you are in the local Administrators group.

Although very dated the information is still valid, follow the security settings highlighted un the Debugging Web Applications section.
Got around this by using the following software


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