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I'm hoping that I am posing in the correct Zones. If not please let me know what zone I should post on. My issues are the following.

I have a Sonicwall configured using two different ISP's.
On port X1 I have ISP 1 with IP 205.X.X.2, on port X2 I have ISP 2 with ip 68.X.X.11. When I try to ping a site using FQDN or the IP from port X1 times out but it works from ISP 2.
But is I change the IP from 205.X.X.2 to 205.X.X.5 it works fine.
The trace route its stopping at a router for level 3 is LA.
Can some please let me know that the issue could be.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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Traceroute is blocked by a lot of servers.  What are you trying to find out?

What you are trying to say is that when you change the ISP 1  IP  from 205.X.X.2 to 205.X.X.5, the ping works fine, correct?
If this is the case, it can be possible that due to any reason tracert is blocked if coming from the source IP 205.X.X.2.

What about other IPs. Are you able to ping any other IP. try to ping via ISP1, does it work ?
Thanks for the posts, the problem turned out to be with hosting company blackling our IP.



Problem was with hosting company

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