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I have the following scenario:

We get a new contract for Exchange Server and SQL Server for a client. The client currently has an infrastructur that is outsourced, but due to high prices he want us to built the new exchange server. The problem we have is that the outsourcer does not want us to have Admin rights to their Servers and the client want all his Workstations to have a access to the new Exchange Server(via Outlook) without entering a password or if the user changes his password that the password needs to be changed to the new domain too.


(All in one Domain)

(New Domain)

Client have access to the currently domain as usual, now i install a new Exchange Sever with his own Domain. (The new servers are physically next to the old outsourced servers).

Is this scenario possible? Doe anybody know any issues could happen that scenario?

Thanks a lot
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you can have additional usernames and password stored and remembered..for instance in windows 7, user accounts, manage your credentials.

However..I would get the client to tell the provider what you want to do..they are the client, I assume they own the equipment, so they should have a domain admin account - just in case they want to get rid of the provider anyway.
the problem you wil have is managing the extra usernames and passwords, and if users change passwords it wont change for your new domain.
plus you will need to register the server in DNS, or add a hosts entry to the workstations so they can find the server


Hi wolfcamel,

thanks a lot for your answer. The problem is, that the contract allows the outsoucring company to say "no" for an additional domain admin. For me it is no problem they have access to the servers. Want i wanted to do is a trust(one way) to their(old domain) domain, so that every user can access the exchange server, but i don't know what happened if they change the password. If this a problem or will the exchange server not care about that? Any hints?



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